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For the first time in the history of Dove we created a national day. And cooperated with Trendyol. And again for the first time in Turkey, we washed influencer’s hair on Instagram live stream.


Dove launched a shampoo series for the first time to enter into the premium segment. Products have advanced benefits. Series consist of anti-shedding shampoo and serum care cream specially developed for damaged hair. It offers cellular level remedy with its moisturizing and nourishing content. It prevents breakage up to 99% and provides strong hair & it’s sulphate-free. The primary channel for product is e-commerce.

Our objective was to make people aware of launch, introduce product benefits and increase e-commerce visibility and boost e-commerce sales. Marketplace has the largest share in this category. That’s why we collaborated with the biggest marketplace of Turkey- Trendyol. We created a project to tap those objectives and boost sales in Trendyol.

Since it was the first premium shampoo of Dove, the challenge was big. We needed to give consumer a 360 product experience to land our message. Also, we need to convey premium-ness message for price. Yet, in the hair care category , one is not able to show the product benefit to the consumer instantly from the first use, especially during the launch periods. Same goes valid for livestreams & influencer contents. (not feasible for an influencer to wash her hair during a livestream or IG content) Thirdly, there are limited on-platform visibility tools in TY marketplace for product to get noticed. Plus, we needed differentiation in media to drive consumer attention. Success KPIs were reach, awareness, interaction, and sales uplift, number of likes in TY, & per capita traceability for live broadcasting.

Our goal was to create product launch awareness with 360 product experience & boost sales.
20- 45 years old fashionista’s women. City women that are trend-followers with a strong habit of online shopping. Those that loves to discover new products, interested in beauty (well-groomed women who take time for themselves) Socio economic profile: High income with high shopping basket average

We created a national Hair Therapy Day with Dove on Sunday. We introduced a media first project as an alternative to traditional livestreams: “online broadcasting of influencers for Dove Day”.
The project was 3-legged. First was the teaser period. Broadcasting influencers (4) & additional 20 influencers introduced Dove day to create buzz and explained products benefits. We asked consumer to buy the products until broadcast day to experience "pigeon hair care day" together. In 2nd Phase, 4 influencers came to home-like studio & we did live broadcast throughout the day.

Broadcasting enabled to experience product 360 & increased credibility. In broadcasts, 4 influencers talked about their hair problems with real-life examples. Then for the first time in live broadcast, their hair were washed in real time by a professional with Dove's shampoo. Afterwards, we displayed the immediate effect directly to the consumer via magnifier. In parallel, influencers replied questions from consumers & shared discounts in Trendyol. Those kept audience engaged.

In final stage, post to broadcasting week, influencers created reels about broadcasting to maximize awareness. This was a creative plan that we convert with the new technology we made for the first time, a similar creative path has never been preferred before. For the first time, we made the announcement of "dove hair care day" with 20 influencers by owning a day. We invited all women to "dove hair care day" with us live on Sunday. On Sunday, we owned the media with "dove hair care day" together with 4 of these 20 influencers in 4 different live broadcasts.

Live broadcasting is a technology that has just entered our lives, thanks to this technology, it has enabled us to experience the product live on air and show its real effects to the consumer. 50% of the budget went directly to the enabling technology. (live broadcasting) If we add live broadcasting influcencer budget, while 50% of the budget went to awareness phase (influencer network campaign)

Our goal when we set out was to make the consumer experience the product in 360 degrees. The most suitable channel for us to do this without direct use was live broadcasts. For this reason, we have designed all of our strategy and purpose as a live broadcast centered. Thanks to livestreaming, we had the chance to instantly experience the product to the consumer, which we could not achieve with other channels, and this was the most positive effect. In this way, we provided the effect of consumer instant use to the consumer, with sincerity and in addition to this, we left the consumers engaged with the product for 30 minutes. Afterwards, we proceeded with the after reels content in order to reach users who could not experience that day with us. 4 live broadcast influencers shared what we experienced during that day as reels. When we examined the results of the classic live broadcasts before, we realized that the reason why it was below the expected targets was that there was no strategy behind it and that there was a lack of content that could keep the consumer. The live broadcast audience was exactly our target audience, the women between the ages of 20-45 who were prone to online shopping and followed the trends. In other words, the channel we chose and the audience of this channel matched our target audience 100% as demographics.

Business Impact
Launching the premium segment for the first time, Dove Hair Care Products reached our target audience by launching this product live. Our target audience learned about this product in the market. We showed everyone that the Dove brand, which has existed for years, is now a player in the Premium segment as well. Before starting the project, the New Dove Breakage Remedy product was only 3.6% of Dove sales in Trendyol, it increased to 59.4% during the project and continues to average 24% thereafter.On the other hand, the number of favorites was only 12. So, O brand awareness as there was no any offline or online campaign.

At the end of the project, we achieved our targets of awareness. As planned we received 6 million reach & 7 millions Impressions. In addition we have exceed sales targets significantly, 21X times sales uplift achieved during the project period. 7X times daily sales average remained constant after the project!!
Since this campaign was successful, we have started to implement similar setups in Unilever’s other beauty innovations.

As a result of the campaign, in Trendyol we reached 15K product favorites. This a very significant result for Sulphate free shampoos in Trendyol. The category exist strongly around 2-3 years and most popular product has almost 30k favorites. Dove Hair Therapy with the project reached 50% of most favorited product & surpassed the many products within only 2 weeks!
Also very importantly, we listed on the 1st page of sulfate-free shampoo searches in Trendyol. Among 18.608 products .

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