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We created the most popular make up challenge series for MAYBELLINNE YouTube Channel.


Maybelline, Turkey's best-selling makeup brand, sought unique and exclusive content for itself. However, this wasn't the only task; they also aimed to increase the subscriber count on their YouTube channel and boost sales.

In response, at Pik, we created YouTube's most popular makeup content series; Sabotage.

We invited 4 influencers to create the best makeup looks in different concepts in each of the 4 episodes. However, the challenge didn't end there! The makeup artist host introduced a different 'sabotage' in each episode, such as applying makeup with a paintbrush instead of a makeup sponge or doing makeup with closed eyes. Influencers bid on these sabotages through an auction-style system with Gratis points we provided, and they assigned the chosen sabotage to one of their competitors. They selected their desired makeup materials and attempted to create the best makeup looks.

At the end of each episode, they scored each other, and the influencer with the highest score gifted a Gratis voucher to one of their followers, equivalent to the remaining Gratis points in their account. So, both the influencer and their followers won!

But in this project, we were the ultimate winners! Sales increased by a whopping 20% year over year, the channel gained 5000 new subscribers, and for a month, the 4 episodes trended on YouTube! The series has garnered 10 million views on YouTube and reached a total of 20 million interactions.

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